Chronic Disease Management (CDM) provides the following services to its clients:


Development and implementation of electronic workflow solutions

Development, Prototyping, Testing and Implementation of electronic workflow solutions.  Ongoing maintenance support.


Electronic forms conversion

Development of Smart forms wth embedded logic.  Movement from paper based document.


Conducting electronic clinical trials

Movement from paper based and static documents in conducting clinical trials.


Implementation of Lean Manufacturing approaches and methodologies

Use of Lean Manufacturing approaches and methodologies such as 6S, Kanban, Kaizan and Value Stream mapping to drive efficiency (improved throughput, increased capacity, shortened wait time, waste reduction in lower non value add).


Professional consulting support

Use of Professional services to develop Business Cases, conduct risk analysis and facilitate Change Management.


Implementation of electronic Dashboard

Identification of Key Performance Indicators.  Generation of Operating Reports in flexible electronic Dashboard.


Turn key solutions for Physicians

Development of personalized web sites for Physicians to support and promote Intellectual Property.  Components include video, elearning and certification.


Solutions for Clinical Trials and Studies

Solutions to support Stage 3 and Stage 4 Clinical Trials and Studies.

Electronic Storage Solutions

Conversion of paper and electronic documents onto digital devices to be compliant with Health Canada Storage Requirements.

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